Why the Lazy Rose?


 At The Lazy Rose Café we aim to nourish the mind.






Thoughts are the seeds we plant, watered with belief that they can grow into a reality, nurtured only through the positive mindset. Strength and Endurance are the fertilizer to help feed the roots surrounding our plant, the supportive elements, and the cheerleaders in our life who only aim to help us succeed and encourage our plants to blossom.






What happens when someone stomps on our plant? We feel sad we cry we are down on our luck our mindset dampers, we allow negativity to enter the soil around us, we are drowned in poisoned waters, bugs chew at our leaves, and worms grow around our roots making it impossible to get the nutrients we need. Our mindset starts to grow dark and the petals fall off the Rose.






Then the sun it comes out and makes us see the gratitude that exist all around us it makes me appreciate the worms and bugs. I no longer hate them I no longer accept the poisonous rain, I decide to fertilize the land with my beliefs.






I let my pedals fall, I trim my own leaves, I layer my stem with another coat of experience.  The sun was my community, a book of positive influence, a reminder to be thankful to look at the good in all things and to look at the silver lining in the clouds. The lifecycle is that of a plant, it’s so very similar to the lifecycle of the mind.






We hope you see a part of yourself in this story and join the Lazy Rose community that we are building.



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