About Us

Our love for our community and our passion for service is the backbone of creating The Lazy Rose Cafe, a place where you can come nurture the mind, relax unwind and make lifelong connections. We aim to elevate a blooming community. Read more about our founders below, its easy to see why TLRC was created!

The Lazy Rose Cafe Co-Founder, Erdavria Rose Simpson is an ambassador for change. She has a passion for community development, social welfare, and abides by her motto to Keep Moving Forward. Goal oriented, she is currently working on her second Masters from USC Marshall School of Business and aims to innovate the landscape of direct social impact.

With her calling to service both local and nationwide she is a second class Petty Officer in the US Navy Reserve serving as an Intelligence Specialist since 2014. She is also currently a Business Analyst for Northrop Grumman with her prior position working as a Grant Analyst in the Mayor’s Office, City of Los Angeles. She graduated with a B.A. from California State University- Fullerton, majoring in Communications- Broadcast Journalism and has a minor in Sociology.  On her free time, she volunteers with the Mayor's Crisis Response Team and the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.

Erdavria was born and raised in Los Angeles and enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle, dancing, hanging out with family over tea, friends over coffee, and completing creative textile arts.
Erdavria believes in the necessity of building a solid support system to attain success. She was concerned with the effects of technology and social media as it impacts our humanity leaving people with feelings of isolation, depression, and impressions of unrealistic goals.  We live in such a fast paced environment I want to encourage people to stop and smell the roses or the coffee.

It has always been Erdavria's dream to open a cafe so when she met Antonio in 2020, she could not let this opportunity pass her by, Their shared passion, service mindset, and aligned values matched to make TLRC into a reality. Motivated to nurture a blooming community and serve growth mindset. For Erdavria, TLRC is an opportunity to continue serving her community. According to Erdavria, she works hard to earn her lazy days, and loves to take time sharing stories over tea. 

Antonio, co-founder of TLRC, was born in a small town in West Virginia to Kimberly and Antonio Martin Sr. From a very young age they saw his entrepreneurial mindset, and they instilled in him that he could do anything he put his mind to, no matter the circumstances. A mediocre student in grade school, Antonio had little interest in sitting in a class and yearned for an environment that provided more hands on training. So right after high school he joined the US Navy.
He excelled in the Navy, while going on multiple deployments, and receiving countless awards and recognition for his work. After serving for 8 years he decided he wanted to go out in the world and be his own boss. He moved to Los Angeles, CA in pursuit of a life long dream of having an office in Beverly Hills. Once in LA, Antonio got his insurance license, series 6/63 investment license, and countless other certifications and opened up Antonio Martin Insurance Agency in Beverly Hills in 2015. He became one of the highest earning insurance offices in the area in his 1st year and was know for his outstanding service to his clients. But he wasn’t finished.
In 2017 Antonio connected with an old Navy buddy and opened up The Debonair Lounge. The Debonair Lounge is one of the hottest lounges in Los Angeles. It is known for its customer service, attention to detail, and great atmosphere. Antonio opened the lounge to bring the community together and provide a space where people from all backgrounds could converse and have a place to relax after a long day. He continues this goal with The Lazy Rose Cafe, crafting an elegant atmosphere that serves relaxing beverages. 
In 2018 Antonio a long time advocate for eradicating homelessness and providing affordable housing for families, took on the position of Director for American Help Foundation, 501-c3. An organization that had been fighting and helping families secure the American dream through housing since 2015. He has taken American Help to new highs and has been a intricate part in the organization providing homes for over 200 families.
Antonio is dedicated to community service, doing things with integrity, and building an legacy. He will stop at nothing to accomplish his dreams and help those who need help with theirs.
TLRC Founders, Antonio & Erdavria, Veterans, USNR, Business
Their shared passion, service mindset, and aligned values matched to make TLRC into a reality. They are motivated to nurture a blooming community and serve growth mindset. 
About our Partners:
Kevin and Yvonne Dunigan are active community members, dreamers , and entrepreneurs. They have been an amazing asset to The Lazy Rose Cafe Team.
There bios will be posted soon!
If you are interested in joining The Lazy Rose Team feel free to send us an email at lazyrosecafe@gmail.com.