Power of Roses

Roses are used to express favorable circumstances or ease of success. Knowing that it is accompanied by the nonstop determination, motivation, and ambition that it is needed to get there. So often we see only see the finished product; the beauty and bold color, we smell the fragrance from the bloom, but don’t see the soil that molded the flower, the roots that gave nutrients, the thorns that we grew to protect us on our journey.


We at The Lazy Rose café understand the journey and aim to grow a community that nourishes the mind through community engagement, an elegant atmosphere, all over your favorite feel good beverages.


Stop and smell the roses. Being lazy sometimes has a negative connotation, but what if it is the one thing that allows the mind to be free and open. We live in a fast paced time with technology, social media, where we are nonstop and it is good to stop and smell the roses. It’s good to take a lazy day for yourself, take a mental health day. Relax and unwind at the Lazy Rose café.

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